Monitoring of Artisanal Mining (Galamsey) in Ghana


The Monitoring of Artisanal Mining (Galamsey) in Ghana Service is a monitoring platform with information on the location of illegal mining sites across Ghana and their associated land degradation. It will provide the necessary spatial data input to decision makers and partners, such as A ROCHA Ghana, who will use the information to target areas for remediation and landscape restoration activities.


Artisanal mining is considered a major source of livelihood for many rural people in Ghana. However, the increase in unregulated mining (galamsey) activities in recent years has resulted in severe land degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution of water bodies and acidification of soils deleterious to the biophysical and socio-economic environment. Accurate information about the location and scale of these mining sites is necessary for decision makers to take action through remediation and restoration activities.